Friday, December 24, 2010

im trying a.k.a eden torai

salam to all muslim and hye to non-muslim.

happy monthsary to my dear, Mr. Mohammad Faizal b. Ahmad Nor. this dedication special to you.

sometimes, i think u are the rite person that i want.. forever.
sometimes, i feel, u are the wrong person... but not forever.
dear, everyday.. every second and every minute, i always think about u and our future.

im very happy and very prosperity (like prosperity burger) if i with u.
we promised we will do the best for our relationship.
but.. if we are not mean to be together, i hope u will accept it.

in 5 month with you, you teach me how to be a good person.
you alway support me in everything that i do.
you alway caring about me and about my family.
and i know, you love me more than i love you.

if i down, you are the one want me to be strong.
if u down, i want u know, that i always be by your side.

one day (always), when u down, u want me to leave u alone
. not for a second, but u want me to leave you forever...
i know it very hard to handle it, but we can try....
u said, u will come back.. but don't know when.

i think, u will come to me tomorrow, or maybe today....
i hope.

i will remember all memories about our love..
honestly, u are the best man that i ever had. (hopefully).

remember, i never leave u..
u always in my heart n my life..
wherever i go, u always with me...
i knew u will come back, if not today, maybe tomorrow...
u never let me alone...

note : my English is not very good.. but at least i try.. if u feel that is funny, u free to laugh at me. :)

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